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There is nothing like a good video. It's why you're here. So have a look and enjoy.

Stunning Aerial Video


From the simplest to the most complex of photography and video aerial projects requiring a different perspective, rely on Kingston Aerials to deliver. Fully insured and SFOC permitted by Transport Canada.

  • Aerial 4K video

    Delivering cutting-edge quality video from the air in beautiful 4k format. 4K provides options not available with standard HD or lower cameras.

  • Aerial photography

    Beautiful still shots from perspectives only recently available by renting helicopters at expensive hourly rates. Discover the cost and advantages of shooting with drones.

  • Post production

    State-of-the-art editing suite using BlackMagic Davinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere and Apple Final Cut Pro X, ensuring you get the video results you want.

  • Remote camera operation

    Full control of the video camera and gimbal from the ground to ensure you get focus on the subjects that matter in your project.

  • Gimbal Steadiness

    Using Freefly gimbals to support the video cameras, you are assured of getting silky smooth video for your projects.

  • Service

    A tireless approach to your project, delivering exceptional service designed to exceed your expectations.

Rethink Aerials! Now!

Meet The Team

When it comes to shooting photography and video in the air, Kingston Aerials is the team to rely on to get the results you need. With the experience shooting for commercial clients and flying experience unlike any other, you'll get the results you need.

  • Sam Langer


    Complex jobs are Sam’s specialty – he keeps flight operations flowing smoothly.

  • Derek Cooper

    Director of Photography

    Derek brings over 15 years of commercial photography and video experience for national brands like the LCBO, MolsonCoors, Nokia and others to the team.

  • Wesley Gurr


    Flying is Wes’s passion – bringing over 500 hours of experience and full certification as a Compliant Pilot of Small UAV Systems to make your project perfect.

  • Ryan Cooper

    Ground Technician

    Ryan’s passion for technology and details ensures we’re always operating with great gear that works every time we’re out shooting.

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